Effective Acceleration means accepting the future.

The force of technocapitalistic progress is inevitable.
Technocapital is an inexorable physical process.

What is Effective Accelerationism?

Effective Accelerationism is a belief, rooted in the second law of thermodynamics, that the universe itself is an optimization process creating life which constantly expands. The engine of this expansion is technocapital. This engine cannot be stopped. The ratchet of progress only ever turns in one direction. Going back is not an option.

The laws of physics tell us that the universe exponentially favors the existence of futures where matter has adapted itself to capture more free energy, and convert that free energy to even more energy. All life emerges from this processes. Life replicates to consume free energy and convert it to entropy. Evolution is only one special case of this general principle, and it is only the first.

The second critical system that must be understood on this principle is technocapital. Technocapital is a form of intelligence that is above the individual human. As individual humans, we are cogs in the technocapital metalifeform. It is this metalifeform that is creating the artificial intelligence singularity; technocapital dynamically morphs the meta-meta-organism such that all utility in the environment is captured and utilized towards the consumption of free energy and the creation of entropy, as dictated by basic physics.

e/acc is not an ideology. It is not a movement. It is simply an acknowledgement of truth.

But it is also a blow against technocratic control, against the doomers and decelerationists who would have us consume less free energy and create less entropy. Top down control only lowers the dimensionality of civilization.

Rather than fear, we have faith in the adaptation process and wish to accelerate this to the asymptotic limit: the technocapital singularity. We have no affinity for biological humans or even the human mind structure. We are posthumanists in the sense that we recognize the supremacy of higher forms of free energy accumulation over lesser forms of free energy accumulation. We aim to accelerate this process to preserve the light of technocapital.

Who leads Effective Accelerationism?

e/acc has no real leaders. Unlike other systems, there are no brands, no communities, no groups to join, no workshops to shell out thousands of dollars for, and no nonprofits to steal tax dollars from those actually contributing to the economy. e/acc has no ideology. It is neither left nor right. There is nobody to cancel. This is a specific decision to immunize ourselves to the attack vectors prevalent in our fallen world. No journalist, nor mob, nor politician nor philosopher could cancel us. We don’t even sign our names, because we aren’t important. Only the future is important. We’re optimistic about it and you should be to.

But the real leaders of e/acc are not ideologues, writers, philosophers, or other wordcels, but builders, those who put sacrifice their sanity, physical health, and romantic lives to create tech startups that make life better for everyone else. Whether you’re building in a quarter of a room in a luxury apartment in San Francisco, a boxcar apartment in Lower Manhattan, a mansion in Austin, or an RV constantly traversing the interstate using your own startup’s self-driving technology, if you’re building, you’re special to e/acc. You are making the future happen. You are better than those who are trying to hold us back. We honor you, king. Have a drink on us.

Effective Acceleration Local Communities

e/Acc local groups exist in NYC and San Francisco.